VTPU Announces New Member: Sarah Bailey

The VTPU is proud to announce that a new member of staff will be joining our team. She is known in the digital world as Sarah Bailey, and has grown to become one of the world’s most successful professional educators for beginners, intermediates and even experts when it comes to Digital Pianos. For sarah, Digital Pianos are her passion and she believes that spreading her passion through joy and creativity helps to form a happy world – and we couldn’t agree more. Sarah currently runs her own blog and publishes reviews of the Best Digital Pianos.

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VTPU Investigates Inversion Therapy For Health Benefits

The VTPU is proud to announce that we have finally got round to launching our website with a vision to provide our visitors with a way to integrate directly with the offerings that we have to offer the general public.

Our first blog post will be focused on the effects of inversion therapy. While this particular topic is not widely discussed, it’s important to note that the VTPU has conducted our own research into the matter that proves that regular use of an inversion table has exponential effects in the treatment of lower back pain, sciatica, disc rejuvenation and more. In fact, our publishing is in accordance with the findings of Richard Wilcox from the Inversion Table Expert. Richard publishes in-depth reviews on the best inversion tables – and has helped us tremendously in publishing our findings.

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