Pedometer Use in Post-Surgical Recovery or Disease Resolution: Implications in Healthcare

Pedometers have become increasingly more common in not only physical fitness and exercise programs, but also in the advancement of medical treatment and rehabilitation. If you are entering into a health program that requires more physical movement, including recovery from injury or recovery from surgery, it may be prudent to speak with your physician about the use of a pedometer.

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Deep fried food or breaded food is a cooking method in which food is plunged in frying oil or vegetable oil by using deep fryer or chip pan.

Dry Cooking Classification

It is classified under dry cooking method because it does not involve any water consumption. The fried food contains high level of saturated fats stick with the food tissues when submerged into oil for cooking purpose thus can risk of high cholesterol and heart strokes.

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VTPU Announces New Member: Sarah Bailey

The VTPU is proud to announce that a new member of staff will be joining our team. She is known in the digital world as Sarah Bailey, and has grown to become one of the world’s most successful professional educators for beginners, intermediates and even experts when it comes to Digital Pianos. For sarah, Digital Pianos are her passion and she believes that spreading her passion through joy and creativity helps to form a happy world – and we couldn’t agree more.

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