Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit

Welcome to the Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit.

We provide mental and psychiatry services across diverse cultural and ethical backgrounds. We work with culturally and linguistically diverse carers and consumers to treat and manage mental disorders and all psychiatry issues. Our services focus on addressing the cultural contexts of psychiatric problems and how we seek to transcend all ethnic diversities in our diagnosis and treatment. We work hand in hand with mental health practitioners and every stakeholder in the mental health, human service, education, community, and public health sectors which in one way or another function as a point of call for those in need of mental health support. We aim to listen to people and help them find inner strength through sharing information and experiences. We adopt the best practices and theories to build capacity, create the valuable resources, and translate knowledge so it can be accessible to those who are actively involved in the mental health and other related sectors, especially within the local communities.

Our partners include communities, the mental health workers, educators, researchers, professionals, and everyone involved in creating mentally healthy and connected communities.

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What We Do

Transcultural psychiatry focuses on the ethnical or cultural influences on psychiatric disorders with the belief that psychiatric illnesses are not just mere medical conditions but social constructs as well. Our services focus on ensuring that psychiatric problems and mental disorders are treated and managed most efficiently and effectively with consideration for their transcultural origins or influences.
Our services include:

VTPU Services

Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit provides a range of services that seek to improve the quality of life and the efficacy of mental health services for people across all backgrounds. We believe that doing this will encourage people from different cultural backgrounds to access the mental health services available and to improve the overall wellbeing of the community. We develop services capable of achieving this through our service development program. Part of our services also include community program focused on improving mental health services through a partnership with the ethnic communities, carer and consumer issues focused on helping carers and consumers deal with issues they may confront, and many other services.

Programs and Strategies

We understand the importance of strategic planning in achieving our goals. This is why our programs are strategically designed for long term partnership and building local capacity through supportive links. Our programs engage communities and individuals as equal partners by using coaching, training, mentoring, and offering assistance with planning processes. The goal is to create and develop a core group of mental health workers and skilled physicians who will provide the much-needed services in their local communities and function efficiently with resources and support from VTPU. The support can come in various forms. Our programs further include training, educating, and many others.

Consumer and Carers Initiative

We have a fully functional Consumer Advocate network that works to raise awareness about the issues that consumers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are facing when it comes to mental health issues. We believe that the first step to solving a problem is identifying the problem and accepting the fact that it exists. This is what our consumer advocate achieves by working with the government, service providers, and policymakers to deal with cultural diversity and solve issues faced by consumers from these backgrounds.

Research and Conferences

Research is very fundamental to our work as it provides the evidence needed to continue our work and the resources required to improve it. We partner with institutional bodies such as the Centre for International Mental Health at Melbourne University and many others with whom we exchange information, new developments, and ideas regarding social and cultural psychiatry. We also partner with researchers who are devoted to finding new information that will better improve the practice of transcultural psychiatry. Closely related to research is our conferences where all these new ideas are reviewed and disseminated to a broader audience. Conferences serve as an opportunity for like minds to meet at such high concentration that would ever be possible anywhere else. In such manner, our conferences serve as a melting pot for ideas on Transcultural psychiatry.

CAMHS Resources

We provide all the resources needed by young people, their carers, and mental health professionals, in general, to improve wellbeing and make their job easier. With resources curated from all over the internet, you will find what you are looking for.

Aged Care

Mental disorders and psychiatric issues do not have age barriers. They affect the old as much as the young or even more. This is why Aged care is a core part of our resources. You will find the right resources on aged care in relation to mental issues such as dementia and how best such conditions can be effectively managed.