The Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit offers state-wide mental health and psychiatry services that focus on communities and people with diverse cultural and ethnical backgrounds.

We provide mental health workers and others who work in the psychiatry or disability support services the necessary assistance they need to perform their tasks efficiently and achieve the desired results. Our sole mission is to improve the capacity of the mental health system in Victoria so that it can function efficiently and provide equitable, effective, and culturally appropriate services to the entire population. The diverse population of Victoria makes it necessary to develop comprehensive solutions to mental health problems. This is why we seek to find solutions that truly consider the cultural background of each patient and produce a suitable treatment and management plan based on their cultural experience.

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Our Values

We work based on certain guiding principles which represent our values. They include:

Taking Responsibility

The first step to solving a problem is first acknowledging its existence. We do this by admitting that social inequality is an issue in our society and looking for ways to address these problems. We handle the issue by listening to those who have experienced this inequality either as a one-time experience or part of a systemic problem. We further create opportunities to correct these issues in society.

Equity and Advocacy

Everyone has a right to full participation in community activities as well as the right to excellent mental health and emotional wellbeing. We understand this and use our resources and influence to help people achieve all these by eradicating all the barriers that have made mental health inaccessible for indigenous people and others who suffer from social inequality.

Diversity in Perspectives

In a state with a population that has diverse cultural backgrounds, we believe there is a need for cultural humility and ensure that we practice this. Cultural humility refers to the willingness to hold an opinion and still be open to learning from another perspective. We also espouse cultural safety which focuses on an evaluation of our health knowledge paradigm, service systems, and professional practices and how the power is rooted in these concepts.

Collective Action

We believe in the power of many, and the only way to create this power is through building relationships and forming connections. That's is why we form partnerships and coalition with agencies and bodies that share our ideology and philosophy.

Lifelong Learning

No one is an isle of knowledge, and there is always an opportunity to learn something new. We facilitate these opportunities by engaging in meaningful conversations and exchanges that enable two-way learning and promote growth.

Our Goals

As an organization focused on supporting efforts that prioritize cultural safety and influences in mental health and psychiatry services, our goals are: