CAMHS Resources

We provide Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services resources for young people and their caregivers, to deal with mental health issues and improve wellbeing. These resources do not exist as a substitute for medical care or proper diagnosis and treatment by a certified health professional. Instead, they are merely healthy self-help options that are preferable to harmful ones. There are various mental health problems that one could suffer from, including anxiety, bipolar, body dysmorphia, depression, etc. We have gathered information and resources in the form of books, applications, websites, videos, etc. that can help a child or adolescent to manage these conditions effectively. Each resource is carefully vetted for efficiency and appropriateness before it is added to our website. Thus, parents do not have to worry that their children are being exposed to inappropriate information that may cause more harm than good. In some instances, accessing information requires the Consent of the carers who we believe are in the best position to make the right decision for their children.


These resources are not only useful for children and adolescents; they are also valuable for adult carers who generally may find it challenging to find the right resources to manage their child's mental health conditions.

Another issue that we have worked hard and will continue to work at resolving is the awareness of CALD young people about the availability of CAHMS resources and how easily accessible these resources are for them. We ensure that our resources are culturally appropriate and curated with the culturally and linguistically diverse background young people in mind. We are fully aware of the mental health needs of these people and how it is quite different from what applies to the mainstream. Therefore, we ensure that our CAMHS resources fully integrate their needs into the curation process and they can access mental health resources that they can easily understand and relate with regardless of what they are facing in mental health issues. We ensure that awareness about the existence of these resources is done through community agencies. We believe that if these agencies are aware of the existence of resources that can help their community young people to deal with common mental disorders in a healthy way, they will spread the message across the community and by doing this, young people and their families too would become informed.

Accessibility is also a crucial feature that we have fully integrated into our CAHMS resources. This is achieved by providing the resources in the local language of these culturally and linguistically diverse young people. By didn't this, we have been able to lend more credence to the cultural competence and appropriateness of the resources.


These resources include

Websites that provide data and information on mental health concerns, how to manage them, and contact information of where to seek help

Books recommended by Mental health services workers and other health professionals.

Applications that you can use to monitor and improve your general wellbeing.

With resources curated from all over the internet, you will find what you are looking for.