Programs and Strategies

We understand the importance of strategic planning in achieving our goals.

This is why our programs are strategically designed for long term partnership and building local capacity through supportive links. Our programs engage communities and individuals as equal partners by using coaching, training, mentoring, and offering assistance with planning processes. The goal is to create and develop a core group of mental health workers and skilled physicians who will provide the much-needed services in their local communities and function efficiently with resources and support from VTPU

The support can come in various forms such as:

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The VTPU actively supports cultural Portfolio Holder (CPH). They are considered a major link between the VTPU and local communities and play significant roles in bringing together local staff who share a common interest in using the existing clinical skills, local social capital, and organisational initiatives to improve services in culturally and linguistically diverse communities. CHPs are usually well-grounded in the local activity with complete familiarity with the landscape. By working with them, VTPU can extend its reach within these diverse communities without having to play an active role in the activity.

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Partnership Planning

The relationship that VTPU seeks to establish with Cultural Portfolio Holders is that of an equal partner, and this is very evident in the form of assistance it offers. The strategy is focused on developing local partnership and community initiatives. The range of services available to this culturally diverse clients is improved on with state-wide associations. Advice and feedback on current programs are also welcomed as this is the best way to guarantee an improvement of services.


External Enquiries:

VTPU also operates an external enquiry and clinical support line that be accessed through phone or website. The purpose of this line is to provide mental health workers with information and resources such as

Case management training and assessment

Case discussions

Onsite service development consultation.

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Secondary Consultation Service

VTPU also offers a consultation service in partnership with cultural portfolio providers who have undergone VTPU cultural competence training and work in services that has a partner relationship with us. This service is specifically designed for VTPU partners. The basis of such a partnership could vary, but it falls within a variety of strategies that will improve cultural responsiveness by ensuring an organisation change. Such organisation change has to do with rethinking the priorities and redrafting the internal plans. The secondary consultation service builds on existing or recently acquired knowledge and offer mental health services providers with the opportunity to get consultancy services from the VTPU Service Development Consultants. The service is available for mental health workers in need of VTPU advice or input on cases they are directly involved in or on behalf of a fellow worker within the same service. Such a case must be one where the cross-cultural issues have been raised. This service seeks to achieve various objectives which include engaging local clinicians and building their capacity to provide CALD sensitive services.