Research and Conferences

Research is very fundamental to our work as it provides the evidence needed to continue our work and the resources necessary to improve it. We partner with institutional bodies such as the Centre for International Mental Health at Melbourne University and many others with whom we exchange information, new developments, and ideas regarding social and cultural psychiatry.


We also partner with researchers who are devoted to finding new information that will better improve the practice of transcultural psychiatry. Our extensive partnership with researchers is not accidental but based on how essential academic research is to the field of transcultural psychiatry. This field of study remains an emerging one where there is still so much to discover. Social and Transcultural psychiatry represents a viable alternative to the purely medical approach to mental disorders, and the only way to fully explore and exploit this phenomenon is through research. We work with researchers who pursue different research themes in social psychiatry such as community mental health, psychiatric epidemiology, global mental health, evaluation of the mental health services, etc. as well as themes in cultural psychiatry such as anthropology of psychiatry, indigenous healing system, refugee and immigrant mental health, etc. With this broad research fields covered by different experts, new findings are being discovered daily, and all these have been used to improve our services further. We believe that it is only when new information is discovered and adequately analysed that we can find ways to correct inevitable mistakes. Our partnership with several academic institutions, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organisations further give us access to an extensive database in terms of processed information, statistics, and raw data, all which has also helped our quest.

Closely related to research is our conferences where all these new ideas are reviewed and disseminated to a broader audience. Conferences serve as an opportunity for like minds to meet at such high concentration that would ever be possible anywhere else. In such manner, our conferences serve as a melting pot for ideas on Transcultural psychiatry. Our conferences are not merely an opportunity for ideas to come together; it is where all the newest concepts are introduced. It, therefore, serves as an educational and professional development opportunity for participants.

Participants at our conferences cut across all fields of transcultural psychiatry and come from all over Australia and the world at large. This is not surprising. The conferences are research conferences where only the best and the brightest in the mental health service sector and the academic field of transcultural psychiatry gets to speak on diverse issues. They raise questions that were never asked before and bring up new ideas with delegates coming from all sectors related to mental health such as psychology, social work, psychiatry, Counselling, education, etc. It is an opportunity to hear diverse opinions and listen to multiple perspectives on the same issue. It is also an excellent opportunity for researchers and professionals to network and even partner on new works.